Contact Information

Our office is located in the basement of the HSM building, near the Cronkite Plaza and the CMA building.


        Editorial: (512) 232-2212

        Management: (512) 232-2217

        Retail Ads: (512) 471-8590

        Classified Ads: (512) 471-5244

Liza Anderson |

Managing Editor
Ellie Breed |

News Editor
Chase Karacostas |

Sports Editors
Alex Briseño and Ross Burkhart |

Life&Arts Editor
Andrea Tinning |

Science & Technology Editor
Sarah Bloodworth |

Multimedia Editors
Carlos Garcia (Photo) and Sarah Tang (Video) |

Design Editor
Andrea D'Mello |

Copy Desk Chief 
Kirsten Handler |

Comics Editor
Channing Miller |

Podcast Editors
JT Lindsey and Morgan Kuehler |

Digital Editor
Alex Dominguez |

Web Producer
Natalie Heineman